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You don't need to buy fruits in bulk and stack up. 15-20% of the fruits bought in household get thrown, as they loose freshness or become uneatable due to over ripening. We solved this problem by delivering FRESH FRUITS DAILY!


Reliable, Fresh and Low Cost

  • check iconSmall Size : 59 Rs (3-4 fruits)
  • check iconLarge Size : 99Rs (5-6 fruits)
  • check iconCustomised : (as per your requirement)

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The story behind our product

Fresh Fruits

We provide only those fresh fruits which can be easily cut and eat.


Variety of Fruits

Variety is spice of life. We Changes the combination of our fruit box daily so one should not get boared eating same fruits daily.We tries to put 1 seasonal fruit in each box.


Made with Love

All the fruits that we deliver are handpicked , with highest dedication and care. We do not stock the fruits for many days so that you get daily fresh fruits.


"We deliver fruits with the utmost care and dedication, we carefully handle the fruits from the farm to your home."

Akshay Shinde - Founder & CEO


We deliver the fresh fruits daily at your doorstep, So you get right amount of proteins which your body needs daily with affordable price tag.

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